July 18, 2018
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St. Mary’s Catholic School celebrated Homecoming Oct. 7. The Mighty Apaches won the game 61-7 against St. Gregory on their home field, which had been transformed for Homecoming by volunteer football fathers. The traditional Homecoming blue and white Apache head was marked on the center of the field, but added this year was the lettering “SMS” in blue and white at center field and in the end zone. Volunteers maintain the field all year at St. Mary’s, but they instill additional pride for this game.

The game kicked off at 10 a.m. and was followed by a tailgate party on the gymnasium lawn with alumni, parents, students and friends of St. Mary’s Catholic School. Brief remarks were made by Principal John Mein, and former St. Mary’s Coach A.J. Loth. St. Mary’s recently completed a campaign to replace wooden lockers in the dressing rooms with royal blue metal lockers. Each donor was able to dedicate a locker in honor of their family or individuals. The lockers have a nameplate to recognize this gift to the school. Loth purchased 17 of the lockers, naming some after the first football team and cheerleading squad of SMS. Former students were welcomed back and encouraged to play in the basketball 3-point shootout contest following the tailgate party. Over 40 participants spent the afternoon shooting 3-point shots to compete against one another for a class winner, as well as an individual prize, which included two meal tickets to the turkey dinner on Oct. 15 for the school. Jennifer Schandua, SMS current parent, and Hayden Schandua, son of Peter and Jennifer Schandua, SMS Class of 2014, tied for the individual title. The Class of 2014 won bragging rights in the shootout.

St. Mary’s record is 5-0 this season and the Mighty Apaches are looking to defend their AIAL District Title from last year. This is the highest title earned in the San Antonio Archdiocese for middle schools. For more information on St. Mary’s Catholic school, visit http://school.stmarysfbg.com.

Veronica Markland

Graphic Design/Social Media Moderator/Photographer