St. Luke School educates students to excel

The mission at St. Luke Catholic School is to educate students to excel in high school and in life, and to inspire students to live as faith-filled Catholics. St. Luke teachers seek to provide students with experiences and opportunities designed to help them reach their full potential.

Teachers strengthen St. Luke students by motivating them to experience lessons kinesthetically, philosophically, and collaborated as the students confront projects, discuss the implications, and work together toward a finished assignment.

Through a combination of collaborative projects and individual experiences, students go beyond these “hands-on” experiences to reflect on what they have done and learned. This Experience Learning process creates an environment where students discover themselves and the world in which they live.

St. Luke students have access to student clubs, after-school enrichment programs, competition programs, and a variety of options designed to open a student’s eyes to possibilities in and out of the classroom.

Students also participate in classroom and school-wide service projects building upon Catholic Social Teaching and a sense of community throughout the year. Experience Learning at St. Luke compliments our rigorous traditional teaching methods and produces critical thinkers who are equipped to follow a college prep track at the high school of their choice.

Come visit us on Wednesday, Jan. 31. See for yourself how St. Luke School applies excellence, dignity, and community to encourage students to experience learning and experience life as they grow in faith and wisdom in a secure environment with endless opportunities.

For more information, check out St. Luke is conveniently located near the IH 10 — IH 410 crossroads of San Antonio, at 4603 Manitou in San Antonio.

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