Providence sophomore honors CDP Sisters with Fiesta Medal

Vienna Nguyen, Sophomore at Providence Catholic School

Vienna Nguyen, a sophomore, at Providence Catholic School, wanted to honor the CDP Sisters, her school, and the Hispanic culture in her fiesta medal design. A proud Provet, she is a member of the National Art Honor Society. However, Vienna didn’t believe her design would be chosen out of the many brilliant designs submitted for this year’s medal. “I’ve always loved working on all of the little details when it came to art, but I knew I couldn’t do much of that for a small fiesta medal.” She searched for her inspiration for the medal. She asked herself, “How can I represent Providence?” She came up with several ideas including papel calavera, fiesta picados spelling out “PROVET,” the Provet Bloom portraying a flamenco dancer, and the beloved Providence school building. She also included fireworks as a reminder that Fiesta is a time to celebrate. The border is made up of colorful scolymuses and marigold flowers.
Even though the marigolds and the are both associated with Dia de los Muertos, she felt it was important to incorporate these symbols in the design to honor the blessed souls who have died.
She was inspired to put the school building in the design after she and her friends painted it onto the sophomore class CDP banner in honor of the Congregation of Divine Providence (CDP) Heritage Week.

To Vienna, the building meant honoring the CDP Sisters who not only support Providence Catholic School, but also the poor, immigrants, women, and the Earth, according to their chapter statement. Vienna’s tribute to the CDP Sisters and the school she loves shines through in this years’ Fiesta medal design.

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