Declaring Christ, the King of the Universe

Christ the King Church celebrated the solemnity of Christ the King with Archbishop Gustavo Garcia-Siller, MSpS, at an outdoor Mass on November 24. The weather was a perfect match, fitting to the occasion of the solemnity. As we draw to the end of the liturgical year, the presence of archbishop with the community enhanced the rejoicing of Christ our King.

The Mass began at 8:30 a.m., with an entrance dance, the matachinas leading the archbishop, the concelebrants and deacons to the altar. Concelebrants at the liturgy were Father Praveen Lakkisetti, administrator; Father Jaime Renteria, MNM, pastor of St. Agnes Church; and Msgr. Enda McKenna.

In his homily, speaking on the scriptures of the day, the archbishop reiterated the only and final allegiance to Christ the King of the Universe. Referring to the Reign of Christ, Archbishop Gustavo enunciated that the Kingdom of God was inaugurated with the king, not on a throne in a royal palace, but the King who went up on the Cross at Calvary. In a world where human kingdoms and empires have attempted to establish a reign of permanence, the archbishop noted that the Reign of God in Christ the King, ushered in numerous possibilities to live and promote the values of fraternity, equality, mercy, peace and justice. Highlighting the most urgent need for reconciliation, Archbishop Gustavo pointed to the common Christian/Catholic responsiveness to become agents of reconciliation, and thus establish the Kingdom of Christ the King in our own vicinity and in our neighborhoods and city.

As a token of gratitude, Father Lakkisetti honored the archbishop with an Indian shawl, and congratulated him upon completing nine years of his episcopal ministry in the archdiocese.

“A big ‘thank you’ to the pastoral staff, pastoral and finance councils, the liturgical committee, faith formation and RE team, the Knights of Columbus, the 2 Sticks ministry for the breakfast, the wonderful choir, our young people, the matachinas, and in particular, the Altar Society who took care of every detail,” said Father Lakkisetti.

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