Deaf Ministry

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Deaf Ministry provides pastoral ministry to and advocates for deaf individuals throughout the archdiocese, making accessible all aspects of the Catholic Church. This office coordinates, implements, and evaluates services and programs for deaf persons. Deaf Ministry also assists parishes in identifying needs and making plans to achieve accessibility goals.

Masses with Sign Language Interpreters:

St. Pius X – Sunday, 8:00am
3303 Urban Crest Drive
San Antonio, Texas 78209
(210) 824-0139

Our Lady of Perpetual Help – 
Sunday, 10:00am
16075 N. Evans Road
Selma, Texas 78154
(210) 651-6811

St. Padre Pio of Pietrelcina – 
Sunday, 10:30am
3843 Bulverde Parkway
San Antonio, Texas 78259
(210) 497-6101

St. Francis of Assisi – 
Sunday, 11:15am
4201 DeZavala Road
San Antonio, Texas 78249
(210) 492-4600

St. Leo the Great – 
Sunday, 12:00pm
4401 S. Flores Street
San Antonio, Texas 78214
(210) 533-9108

St. Mark the Evangelist – 
Sunday, 5:00pm
1602 Thousand Oaks Drive
San Antonio, Texas 78232
(210) 494-1606


  • What is American Sign Language (ASL)? American Sign Language is a visual-gestural language having its own semantic and syntactic structure used by Deaf people in the United States and in parts of Canada.
  • Is there a written version of ASL? There is no written form of ASL given its visual-gestural nature. Deaf individuals who use ASL to communicate must use English in its written form; written English, however, is not their preferred method of communication because ASL is their primary language.
  • What is the sign for ________? Because ASL has its own grammar and syntax and does not follow that of English, there are not always sign equivalents for specific words (especially out of context).
  • Can’t all Deaf people read lips? This is a common misconception among hearing people. Remember that English (spoken or written) is not the primary language of Deaf persons who use sign language to communicate. It is also important to understand that only about 30% of spoken sounds are able to be distinguished by reading lips.
  • How can a hearing person communicate with a Deaf person? If a hearing person would like to communicate with a Deaf person and knows no sign language, he or she could use gestures, pen and paper, or an interpreter if one is present.

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