Catholic Women’s Conference

‘My New Sisters in Christ’: Catholic Women’s Conference draws 2,200

Pilgrim Center of Hope’s 16th annual Catholic Women’s Conference at San Antonio’s Saint Mary’s University, drew more than 2,200 women from all over Texas and as far away as Iowa.

“I found out about the San Antonio women’s conference from one of the past speakers, Dr. Margarett Schlientz,” explained Iowa resident Julie Storr, who is involved in women’s ministries with the Diocese of Sioux City.

She said she made the trip to explore new paths for her ministry. “On the encouragement of my husband, I decided to make a trip to Texas to learn and discern. I was blessed to not only spend time with family but to meet more family, my new sisters in Christ,” she said, adding that San Antonio “sure was warm,” during the conference, which took place during the last weekend of July.

Described as a “100 percent spa for your soul,” on the organizer’s website, the women’s conference featured Mass, reconciliation, fellowship and informational exhibits.

In addition to the Catholic Women’s Conference, the Pilgrim Center of Hope guides people to personally encounter Christ through outreach, yearly pilgrimages, and conferences for women, men, and seniors.

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