Auxiliary Bishop Boulette

Auxiliary Bishop Michael J. Boulette, DD

Coat of Arms

THE SHIELD Bishop Boulette’s design is placed on a cartouche shaped shield that is divided by a silver (white) saltire (an “X” shaped device). Placed within the quarters that are formed by the saltire are, to chief, on a green field is an open volume of The Sacred Scriptures; the warehouse of truth, sacred teaching and life guidance. To the dexter (left as seen from the front), on a blue field are a bowl, pitcher and towel, the classic symbols of service, to which all in Sacred Ministry, bishops, priests and deacons, and along with all of the baptized, are called. To the right (heraldic “sinister”), also on a blue field, are a pair of angel wings to honor His Excellency’s Baptismal, Saint Michael, the Archangel. In base, also on a green field is a cross potent that is placed between a pair of letters, a “N” and a “D,” rendered in Old English script, to honor the Bishop’s devotion to Our Blessed Mother, our “Notre Dame,” titular of His Excellency’s Alma Mater and the parish he served as pastor for two decades. THE MOTTO His Excellency, Bishop Boulette has adopted the three words “WISDOM FAITH DISCERNMENT,” that are the three tenents of all spiritual direction and spiritual directors, a ministry in which His Excellency, Bishop Boulette has spent a significant portion of his priesthood.

Auxiliary Bishop Michael Joseph Boulette, founding director of St. Peter upon the Water: A Center for Spiritual Direction and Formation, was appointed as auxiliary bishop of the Archdiocese of San Antonio in January by Pope Francis.

Monsignor Boulette was born on June 4, 1950, in Hudson Falls, N.Y. His family moved to Fredericksburg when he was nine years old, and he attended St. Mary’s School.

He was ordained to the priesthood on March 19, 1976, the feast of St. Joseph. He ministered as director of Spiritual Formation and Liturgy at Assumption Seminary from 1983 to 1992.

Monsignor Boulette was appointed pastor of Notre Dame Church in Kerrville from 1993 to 2004.

He was then named founding director of St. Peter upon the Water: A Center for spiritual Direction and Formation in Ingram, in 2004.

On March 10, 2005, Monsignor Boulette was appointed chaplain to His Holiness Pope John Paul II. He returned to Notre Dame Parish in Kerrville in 2010 as administrator pro tem, and also served in that capacity until his appointment to the episcopacy.

Auxiliary Bishop Michael J. Boulette is also member on the boards of: Archdiocese of San Antonio: Priests’ Personnel Board; Presbyteral Council; College of Consultors to the Archbishop; Trustee, St. Peter upon the Water: A Center for Spiritual Direction and Formation.

In addition, he is well-known throughout the archdiocese as a retreat presenter and parish mission speaker.