July 18, 2018
  • 10:27 am Archbishop Column: The Word is God is bigger than us, beyond us
  • 10:24 am Church continues mission and ministry after three centuries in San Antonio
  • 10:13 am Six men ordained priests, receiving the sacramental gift of the Holy Spirit
  • 11:15 am Keep immigrant families together, bishops plead at border
  • 9:23 am Homilía de Arzobispo Gustavo a 1 de Julio Misa Conmemorativa de César Chávez


Since the year 2000, 120 men have been ordained to the priesthood from Assumption. These men are spread out in dioceses all over Texas and far beyond. All of my colleagues on the formation faculty are happy for them. These newly-ordained men have worked hard in order to be well-prepared for the ministerial priesthood. They are just beginning.

Assumption has a fine formation faculty, and we are happy to serve San Antonio and several other dioceses that have chosen us over the years for the religious and cultural experience we offer here. This year we have 75 men from fifteen dioceses in different programs ranging from college philosophy to graduate theology.

We ask Our Lady, Assumed into heaven, to pray that every man who has answered the call to be in seminary grow into the image of her Son, Christ the Good Shepherd.

Father Jeff Pehl

Rector, Assumption Seminary

If you are interested in the priesthood visit our page “Is God Calling?”

Assumption Seminary
2600 W. Woodlawn Ave.
San Antonio, TX 78228
Phone: (210) 734-5137
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Website: www.assumptionseminary.org


Very Rev. Jeff Pehl
Phone: (210) 734-5137 x1412
E-mail: jeff.pehl@archsa.org

Vice Rector Director Theology Program
Rev. Nam Van Kim, PSS
Phone: (210) 734-5137 x1451
E-mail: kimvannam02@yahoo.com

Director of Spiritual Formation
Rev. Luis Corneli, PSS
Phone: (210) 734-5137 x1452
E-mail: mdxluis@yahoo.com

Director of Studies
Sister Dianne Heinrich, CDP
Phone: (210) 734-5137 x1435
E-mail: dianne.heinrich@archsa.org

Spiritual Director
Rev. Martin Elsner, SJ
Phone: (210) 734-5137 x1453
E-mail: martyelsner@gmail.com

Formation Advisor
Rev. Krikor Gregory Chahin
Phone: (210) 734-5137 x1439
E-mail: krikor.chahin@archsa.org

Formation Advisor
Rev. Jeffrey Harvey, CM
Phone: (210) 734-5137 x1426
E-mail: jhhcm@aol.com

Director of Liturgy
Rev. Servando Guerrero
Phone: (210) 734-5137 x1438
E-mail: sponce13@hotmail.com

Vice Rector
Rev. Renato Lopez, PSS
Phone: (210) 734-5137 x1413
E-mail: renato.lopez@archsa.org

Director of College and Pre-Theology
Martin Martinez
Phone: (210) 734-5137 x1440
E-mail: martin.martinez@archsa.org

Spiritual Director
Rev. Tomichan Moonnanappillil, MSFS
Phone: (210) 734-5137 x1437
E-mail: tomymsfs@gmail.com

Formation Advisor
Rev. Anthony Pogorelc, PSS
Phone: (210) 734-5137 x1450
E-mail: anthony.pogorelc@archsa.org

Spiritual Director

Rev. Marcos Ramos, OP
Phone: (210) 734-5137 x1453
E-mail: marcos.ramos@archsa.org


Director of Institutional Advancement
Michael Davis
Phone: (210) 734-5137 x1414
E-mail: mike.davis@archsa.org

Business Manager
José Castañeda
Phone: (210) 734-5137 x1418
E-mail: jose.castaneda@archsa.org

Executive Assistant
Melanie Castillo
Phone: (210) 734-5137 x1412
E-mail: mcastillo@archsa.org

Assistant to Director of Institutional Adv.
Angela Martinez
Phone: (210) 734-5137 x1411
E-mail: angela.martinez@archsa.org

Catherine Reyna
Phone: (210) 734-5137 x1410
E-mail: assumption.receptionist@archsa.org


Assumption Seminary is a bilingual and multi-cultural community of priestly formation. This seminary exists for the personal, spiritual, theological and ministerial preparation of diocesan seminarians for the Roman Catholic Church. Assumption Seminary’s goal is to enable Christ-centered men to grow and develop as collaborative and culturally sensitive pastoral leaders committed to the gospel.


Forming outstanding priests as leaders in the image of Christ the Good Shepherd for an evangelizing Church.