As the temperatures rise, Catholic Charities announces a Fan-A-Thon

Project Cool, an annual city-wide effort to provide free box fans to the elderly, is in desperate need of fans this summer! Over 2,000 more fans are needed immediately to meet the demand of seniors living in Bexar County without air conditioning.

Catholic Charities is raising awareness of Project Cool by partnering with KB Home, a long-time supporter of the program. As San Antonio Division President Brett Dietz explains,” We’re sensitive to the fact that much of the city’s older housing stock lacks central air conditioning or good air flow in the homes. Employees gladly donate boxed fans knowing each one reduces the chance that the elderly could suffer from heat stroke or worse during these terribly hot, summer days.”

KB Home employees delivered 100 fans to the Guadalupe Community Center on July 27. Since 2004, KB Home through its community giving initiative called KB Cares, has donated more than three thousand fans to Project Cool. This donation kicks off a Fan-A-Thon and encourages others to participate.

The Fan-A-Thon will be held in August with a goal of collecting 2,000 fans to support the seniors in need this summer. Donations are accepted at any local fire station.

Started in 1996, Project Cool provides free box fans to local senior citizens to help prevent heat-related illness and death during the summer months when temperatures and the heat index are high. A box fan provides a low-cost and low-energy means for seniors to stay cool during the summer without incurring high electric bills. The goal this summer is to provide 5,000 fans to seniors in Bexar County.

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